ELLYN Description Edit

Skin Ellyn 0

After finding a magical angelic hammer, this girl is now bestowed with heavenly strength.She is very mobile and can crush enemies in prolonged fights.

Style: Melee, Engage

ELLYN Overview Edit

Damage (2/4)

Defense (2/4)

Movement (3/4)

Utility (2/4)

Difficulty (1/4)

ELLYN Skills Edit

CRUSH: Crush enemies with your Hammer.
RESOLUTE CHARGE: Hold the button to charge a dash that knocks up enemies in a line.
HAMMERFALL: Hold to charge a devastating Hammer Smash that stuns and slows all enemies hit.
CYCLONE: Spin around while moving around, whirling enemies away from you.

ELLYN Videos Edit

Latest official Gameplay Video

ELLYN Skins Edit

ELLYN (Basic Skin):

Skin Ellyn 1


Skin Ellyn 2

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