SHUROK Description Edit

Skin Shurok 0

Fearsome demonic warrior that uses War Cries to change his abilities and adapt to all battlefield situations.

Style: Melee, Engage

SHUROK Overview Edit

Damage (3/4)

Defense (3/4)

Movement (2/4)

Utility (3/4)

Difficulty (4/4)

SHUROK Skills Edit

SLASH: Slash enemies with your blade-arm, gaining energy.
WARCRY: Switch back and forth between your stances, each with unique skills.
SLICING DASH: Dash towards your enemies or out of danger, dealing damage to all units passed.
HEAL: Heal yourself and nearby allies.
STAB: Stab a single enemy with your blade-arm, consuming energy for more damage.
SCREAM: Stun everyone standing in front of you.
SACRIFICE: Reduce your own health to gain energy.

SHUROK Videos Edit

Latest official Gameplay Video

SHUROK Skins Edit

SHUROK (Basic Skin):

Skin Shurok 1

Guardian SHUROK:

Skin Shurok 2

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