TARGAS Description Edit

Skin Targas 0

He is the ultimate angelic war machine and defender of the high heavens.Transforms from attack mode into shield mode at will, gaining crowd-control and damage reduction.

Style: Melee, Engage

TARGAS Overview Edit

Damage (1/4)

Defense (4/4)

Movement (3/4)

Utility (3/4)

Difficulty (3/4)

TARGAS Skills Edit

MELEE COMBO: Melee Attack Combo that crushes enemies, causing them to take more damage for a short time.
SHIELD BASH: Slow AoE attack with melee range which pushes enemies back.
TRANSFORM: Switches to Shield mode for a limited amount of time, gaining defenses. Can be charged. Activation pulls in nearby enemies.
CRUSHING STOMP: Stomps the ground, knocking enemies in front of him up.
SHIELD DASH: Dashes forward with the Shield and Knocks up enemies.
SHOCKWAVE: Sends out a shockwave, that slows enemies and makes them take more damage from all sources.

TARGAS Videos Edit

Latest official Gameplay Video

TARGAS Skins Edit

TARGAS (Basic Skin):

Skin Targas 1-0


Skin Targas 2

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