YAKU Description Edit

Skin Yaku 0

This kid has watched all anime available and thus gained the powers of his favorite characters. He is very versatile in melee and ranged fights and always positive.

Style: Melee, Poke

YAKU Overview Edit

Damage (2/4)

Defense (2/4)

Movement (3/4)

Utility (2/4)

Difficulty (2/4)

YAKU Skills Edit

MELEE: Attacks with his giant sword, dealing damage in a line in front of him. Deals more damage with the Ball on the target.
BANZAI:Can bounce three times in a row, each time pushing enemies away from you where you land.

Charges his laser that damages enemies in a line when released. Deals more damage if charged longer and also stuns if the Ball is on the target.


Throws a Ball onto an enemy hero. Your other skills gain additional effects when you attack the marked target.

YAKU Videos Edit

Latest official Gameplay Video

YAKU Skins Edit

YAKU (Basic Skin):
Skin Yaku 1-0

Kitty Cat YAKU:

Skin Yaku 2-0

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